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Fire suppression Limited which a is world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of air sampling pipe and fittings. 
Based in Bristol (United Kingdom), we have two separate manufacturing facilities specifically for the air sampling pipe and fittings market.  We outright own all our facilities and equipment and purely focused on the aspiration smoke detection industry.  

Extrusion – Air Sampling Pipe

Our flagship facility, which is based in Cabot Park in Avonmouth, extrudes air sampling smoke detection pipe.  We have state of the art extrusion lines that are dedicated to manufacture the highest quality of ABS aspirating pipe which is designed and approved to meet EN54 part 20.


As the manufacturer, we can make our aspirating pipe to any length in both 25mm or 1 Imperial Inch.


Common sizes are: -



We able to brand all our sampling pipe for larger orders, ink colours range from White, Grey and Black

High Injection Moulding – Air Sampling Fittings

Our air sampling fittings are manufactured from our second facility in Kingswood, Bristol. We use new and modern state of the art high pressure injection moulding machines dedicated to manufacture our air sampling pipe fittings.
Our tooling is made from high grade steel and provide flawless quality of the aspirating fitting.
We able to manufacture in both 25mm and 27mm.

Colours for everyone

Common Colours, Red, Grey and White.  Any other colour is available for larger orders if required.

Compatible Aspirating Systems

  • Wagner
  • FAST
  • AirSense
  •  Securitron
  • Siemans


ABS 25mm 45 Degree Air Sampling Bend

Typically use to divert aspirating pipe around obstructions without dramatically changing direction.  The 45 degree ben also minimised airflow loss.  

90 Degree Sweeping Bend - ABS - 25mm

Changing direction of an aspirating systems pipe network is essential.  Reducing the loss caused by the a 90 degree bend is essential.  The more air sampling bends added to a run of pipe the greater the frictional loss.  Our 90 degree ben reduces the loss of airflow, keeping the air transport times low and effective.

ABS 25mm Sharp 90 Degree Air Sampling Bend

In some instances space is limited.  It is not alway possible to use a sweeping 90 degree bend and A smaller sharper bend is required.  


ABS 25mm Equal Tee Air Sampling piece

This equal tee allows the aspirating smoke detection pipe to be spit in different directions.

ABS 25mm Pipe Jointing Socket

A Jointing socket allows the connections of two pipes.  It is important that the pipe is glued to the socket

ABS 25mm Socket Union

This component is ideal for the easy break of a pipe.  Typically this is used in front of the return air pleniums of air conditioning units

ABS 25mm/27mm pipe adaptor

In some instances there are two different sizes of pipe 1 Inch and 25mm.  This component allows the connection of these two sizes.  One the one side there is a 25mm id inlet and on the other a 27mm id inlet

ABS 25mm Trunk Adaptor

This component allows the connection of a 10mm capillary tube to the pipe network. 

Conical Smoke detection sampling point

This device is used in area's where there are suspended ceilings.  The pipe is usually concealed within the ceiling void and the capillary and sampling head tee off the aspirating pipe network

Conical Smoke detection sampling Kit

Flush Smoke detection sampling point

Flush Smoke detection sampling Kit

ABS 25mm Pipe Clip

The 25mm pipe clip is a fast clipping system for installing aspirating pipe


Fire Suppression's expertise and experience in this field

Since the formation of the Fire Suppression Limited, the the company identified that the industry had no dedicated manufacturer of aspirating pipe and fittings for air sampling technology. To this day there is only one dedicated manufacturer of Aspirating pipe and fittings for the air sampling market.   
Fire Suppression Limited invested heavily into the research and development of purposely design tools to manufacture the range of aspirating pipe and fittings we currently wholesale. We are not resellers of ABS aspirating pipe, we are the manufacturers!
All our Aspirating pipe and fittings are manufactured in the United Kingdom!
The product range

Fire Suppression Limited manufactures and wholesales its own range of RED, White and Grey ABS aspirating pipe and fitting to the fire protection industry.

This range of aspirating pipe and fittings compliments other products that we supply. Our service accomplishes a conclusive range of aspirating products compatible with the detectors listed below:-

VESDA ® Smoke Detectors
Wagner Smoke detectors
Airsense Aspirating systems
Icam smoke detection

    Industry Standards

    Our ABS aspirating pipe is tested and approved to EN54 part 20 certification, for sole use as part of an aspirating fire detection system.

    ABS Quality

    Our ABS is of the finest quality and we do not use regrind grade ABS for our range of aspirating pipe and fittings. Our aspirating pipe and fittings products are manufactured by us and have been designed with over 200 years accumulative fire protection experience. Our range of ABS pipe and fittings are purposely designed for this industry and not an adapted product with a simple colour change.

    It is important that aspirating pipe and fittings are made of the finest grade ABS. Fire Suppression Limited is a home grown UK fire protection specialist. Our aspirating pipe and fittings have been designed to conform to the requirements of the British Standards and the fire industry.

    Importance of using grade 'A' Aspirating pipe and fittings

    Aspirating pipe and fittings are often installed into harsh environments. Temperature can be one of the most difficult elements to overcome. For example, when installing ABS pipe and fittings within Cold Rooms it is vital that raw ABS pipe and fittings are utilised. The risk of using cheap and inferior ABS or regrind ABS aspirating pipe and fittings is to great and this may cause the system to fail if the pipe became brittle and cracked.

    Using Grade ABS aspirating pipe and fittings is the best way of insuring the pipe and fitting weld together properly. Impurities in the regrind inferior products have shown that it can take one hour or longer to weld. This is not good for integrity of the aspirating pipe network and could compromise the performance of the aspirating fire detection system

    Stock Levels

    Fire Suppression Limited maintains high levels of stock of aspirating pipe and fittings in both RED and White options. We can also provide Grey if required.

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