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Fire Suppression System - Refilling - Emergency 24 hour Help Lines +44 (0) 1179602277 or +44 (0) 7970805284

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Fire Suppression Limited will provide an immediate response to fire suppression system refills.  We operate an 'Exchange and Return' policy for most types of fire suppression cylinders.

If a synthetic fire suppression system (such as FM200, ECARO, FE25, HFC125 and Novec1230) is leaking,  we will provide  an on-site service, where we will decant, refurbish the valve, refill the fire suppression cylinder. 

Inert gas cylinders (IG55, Inergen, ProInert, Nitrogen and Argon) will be exchanged.

We provide the following types of gases:-

  • Novec1230

  • Sapphire

  • FM200

  • HFC227ea

  • IG55

  • Argonite

  • Inergen

  • CO2

  • Water Mist

  • Nitrogen only (N2) fire suppression

  • Argon only (IG01) fire suppression

In order for us to provide the fastest turnaround, we need to understand the following information:-

  • The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the fire suppression equipment

  • The type of fire suppression gas that is being used

  • The size of the fire suppression cylinder (in kg's) - This will be printed or stamp on each fire suppression cylinder

  • The quantity of fire suppression gas that normally resides in the fire suppression cylinder

  • If possible, the age of the cylinder, as this will indicate the need for pressure testing if it is older than 10 years

  • The last pressure test date stamped on the fire suppression cylinder, if the cylinder is over 10 years old

Please call our offices on +44 (0) 1179602277 for an immediate response.  You can also contact via our online contact facility - Click here

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