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Hypoxic air

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What is an Hypoxic Air system? 

Of all of the anti fire systems the Hypoxic air option has to be the most engineered fire protection system design. It is operated automatically under microprocessor control to regulate the amount of oxygen within a given environment.

In order for combustion to take place oxygen levels in a given environment must be over 15% to 16% by volume. This system purposefully maintains an oxygen level suitable for human occupation, but low enough to ensure the prevention of ignition in the first instance.


The process of Hypoxic Air Fire Suppressions systems, seperates Oxygen from the air that is pushed through the Nitogen membranes.  Nitrogen is diverted into the room and Oxygen is directed to atmosphere

The benefits

Ultimately the system prevents pre-ignition thereby assuring no fire, providing maximum protection for property and persons.

With the reduced levels of oxygen these systems can also provide the added benefit of reducing oxidation in such environments as food storage and preparation.

The system runs continuously which means no doubt about the level of protection you are receiving.


Provides 24hour fire suppression.  The enclosure is protected at all times.  there is no high pressure storage tanks or any risk of any unwanted fire suppression discharges.

The oxygen is regulated within the environment ensure sage levels at all times

Collateral damage is minimised and there is no resik of any incepient fires, damage casued by sprinklers or fire suppression gas discharges

Smoke damage is not posible as the can be no comustion at the reduced oxgen levels

Ease of installation, low maintenance costs, no pressure testing required,

Zero down time as there is no gas to replace

Reduction of Oxydiation, valuable items will last longer under a nitogen enriched environment

Suitable Environments

  • Laboratories
  • Telecommunication rooms
  • Computer & server environments
  • Control rooms
  • Archives
  • Food storage & preparation environments

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