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The VESDA ® Air sampling system range

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 The VESDA ® range, being more than just a smoke detector, is designed not only to suit budgets but also to provide maximum monitoring and fire safety.

Probably to be described as the best fire alarm system in the world, the level of protection these systems give is second to none and why Fire Suppression Limited recommend this system above all others.

Below is a simple outline details of the range that we fully carry in stock. More details about each individual system can be obtained by selecting the VESDA ® DETECORS tab above.


    • The LaserPLUS protects areas up to 2000 m2
    • Aggregate length of approx. 200m of pipe. 
    • No pipe greater than 100m 
    • The LaserPLUS has 7 configurable relays
    • Four configurable alarm levels
    • Two configurable fault levels  One Isolate relay
    • VESDA ®net ready


      • The LaserScanner also protects areas up to 2000 m2
      • Pipe lengths as per LaserPLUS
      • Offers individual pipe addressability across up to 4 sampling pipes.
      • The detector can determine where the smoke is in a room.
      • Seven relay version  one individual fire relay per pipe (four pipe system)
      • Twelve relay version  two individual fire relays per pipe (four pipe system)


      VESDA ® LaserFOCUS

        • The LaserFOCUS 250 protects areas up to 250 m2
        • The LaserFOCUS 500 protects areas up to 500 m2
        • It has 4 configurable alarm levels
        • The latest ultrasonic airflow sensing

        VESDA ® LaserCOMPACT

          • The LaserCOMPACT protects areas up to 800 m2
          • One pipe of 80m
          • Two Pipes 50m
          • Three configurable alarm levels

           Part Numbers:

            • VLC500RO - Relays only Version
            • VLC505VN - VESDA ®Net Version
            • VL400AP - Apollo XP95 Protocol

            VESDA ® Ex d

              • The VESDA ® Ex d provides very early warning smoke detection within hazardous area locations that may contain flammable gases.





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