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ProInert Fire Suppression System

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Traditional Inert gas fire suppression systems

Inert gas fire suppression systems normally discharge at high pressures.  The storage pressure within the cylinder is 300 bar. 
This pressure is then reduced to a more sensible 60/70 bar via a pressure reducing device that sits in the manifold.

ProInert Fire Suppression systems

Fire Suppression Limited, support the new Fike fire protection ProInert constant flow IG55 fire suppression system.

Fike's revoutionary constant flow valve, allows pressure to be regulated at a constant flow rate. 

This means that the is no surging pressure that will contribute to adversly affecting the structure of the protected environment. 

There are other advantages too! With a constant flow system, pressure relief venting is kept to a minimum, as these devices are calculated at the peak pressure.  There is only one peak pressure with the constant flow fire suppression system and that is around 42 bar. 

ProInert fire suppression Systems are ideal for the following risks:-

  • Computer Rooms
  • Data Centres
  • Museums
  • Archive Storage
  • Computer/Operation Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Military Installations
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Control Rooms 
  • Libraries
  • Substation
  • Control Rooms
  • Switch Rooms
  • Telecom Art Galleries

Flexibility and Distribution of fire suppression agent

Inert Gas Fire Suppression are ideal for having a single location for central bank cylinder storage facility.  This means that fewer cylinders are needed and the installation costs are reduced.

The flexibility of design with Inert gas fire suppression systems allow distribution of INERT gas to multiple voids.

Distribution values are used to direct the gas to where it is required.  These valves are either electrically operated or pneumatically operated devices.

Pressure Relief Vents

Pressure relief vents allow the INERT gas to fill the room without inducing too much pressure on the structure of the enclosure.
Due to the lower discharge pressures induced by the ProInert fire suppression system, this means fewer vents are required.

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