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Introducing the NEW OSID Smoke Detection from the Worlds Leading OEM of VESDA ® heritage

Advantages of OSID Smoke detection

OSID Open Area Smoke Imaging Detector that offers benefits and features like no other beam on the market

OSID reliably reduces false alarms!

OSID smoke detection is resilient to building movement, reflective sun light, moving obstructions such as birds, spiders and dust

OSID uses coded UV and IR which respond differently to smoke, this allows more informed decisions over dust, steam or smoke!


    Limitations of traditional Smoke Detection Beams

    • Traditional Beams only use a Single Infra-Red beam to pick-up smoke which works on the basis of obscuration of light
    • Affected by ambient lighting - Reflections can be an issue which may cause false alarms
    • Induced light is always a problem with traditional beams
    • Susceptible to building movement - Building movement is one of the most common problems with traditional beams
    • Spiders, birds and other insects can cause false alarms
    • Dust can be a problem
    • Fog and steam can cause false alarms
    • Difficult to align and commission
    • Inconsistent response to various smoke types
    • OSID is resilient to all of the above!

    Superior Benefits by OSID Smoke Detection

    • OSID is similar to a beam detector but offers far more benefits and features.i.e. it monitors its periphery zones as well
    • Maximum detection range up to 150 meters (492 ft)
    • Battery power or wired emitters are available. Battery powered emitters last for approximately 5 years
    • Install up to 7 Emitters (Senders) to give maximum deflection
    • Open Area allows multiple emitters back to one receiver
    • Simple and quick installation using a Laser alignment tool
    • High false-alarm immunity and discrimination between smoke dust, insects, birds, steam and forklifts
    • UL approved. FM and EN54-12 imminent
    • OSDI only requires 150mm of vertical space to install
    • No moving parts (motors do fail)
    • Irregular shaped building is not an issue
    • OSID can be powered from an analogue loop from most analogue addressable fire detection systems
    • An Imager incorporates a demister as Standard
    • Limited maintenance requirements
    • Configurable alarm thresholds


    Ideal Applications

    • Airports
    • Train Stations
    • Long Corridors
    • Logistics Warehouses
    • Museums
    • Stadiums
    • Atriums
    • Dirty Environments

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