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The VESDA ® LaserCOMPACT uses the approved core LaserPLUS detection technology that has been proven in a wide range of environments. More than the run of the mill fire alarms, the LaserCOMPACT operates by continually drawing air from a protected environment via a high efficiency aspirator and sampling pipe network to a central highly sensitive detector. Once the air passes the flow sensor it is passed through a dual-stage filter. The first stage removes dust and dirt from the air before it enters the chamber for smoke detection. The second ultra fine stage provides a clean air supply to form clean air barriers. These clean air barriers protect the optical surfaces from contamination, ensuring the extended lifespan of the detector. Filtration and clean air management are critical in providing high sensitivity detection and eliminating the need for chamber cleaning. This ensures that the internal surfaces of the detector are not exposed to contamination.

The LaserCOMPACT is a highly efficient smoke and fire detector which samples the air passing through the unit with a fine laser beam. The presence of smoke causes light scattering within the chamber that is detected by a very sensitive receiver circuit.The signal is processed and sent to a display that indicates the level of smoke either by bar graph, alarm threshold indicators and/or graphic display. Specific response procedures can be initiated by the three adjustable alarm thresholds, ensuring a controlled and timely response to interface to fire alarm and building management systems. LaserCOMPACT is available in two versions, one that interfaces via relays only (RO) or across either the relays or VESDA ®net (VN).

VESDA <sup>®</sup> LaserCompact


The LaserCOMPACT features make it an ideal smoke detection apparatus for protecting small environments and individual objects:

  • Reduced size compared to LaserPLUS and LaserSCANNER detectors
  • Wide sensitivity range
  • Each detector can cover an area of up to 800 m2 (8000 sq. ft.)
  • Up to three programmable alarm thresholds
  • Programmable relays
  • AutoLearn feature
  • One pipe inlet that can be split into two pipes
  • Dual stage air filter cartridge
  • Option for inverted mounting
  • High efficiency aspirator
  • Airflow monitoring
  • Optional remote display and relay capability
  • Active fault monitoring
  • Easy cable termination
  • Event log to 12000 events
  • RO Version: Relay Only version for stand alone LaserCOMPACT
  • VN Version: VESDA ®net (VN) version for networked LaserCOMPACT
  • Remote modules available (VN version only) to meet site specific requirements
  • Three programmable general purpose input functions
  • PC capable programming and monitoring

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