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VESDA ® VLI is designed to protect business-critical industrial
applications of up to 2000m 

Long life, intelligent, fail-safe technology

The VLI detector combines a fail-safe Intelligent Filter with an advanced clean-air barrier for optics protection allowing the use of absolute detection and a long detection chamber life without the need for re-calibration.

The Intelligent Filter:

 Effectively reduces the level of pollution in the air sample before it enters
the detection chamber, which dramatically extends the operational life of
the detector in harsh and polluted environments

 Is fully monitored, therefore providing consistent sensitivity over the entire
operational life of the detector.

Installation, Commissioning and Operation

The VLI detector features a robust IP54-rated enclosure which provides
protection against dust ingress and water splash.  In the majority of
applications this eliminates the need to use expensive external IP enclosures,
thus simplifying and reducing the cost of installation.

The VESDA ® VLI detector is equipped with a powerful aspirator that provides a total
pipe length of 360m (1200 ft). It is fully supported by the ASPIRE2,
VSC and VSM4 software applications which facilitate ease of pipe network
design, system commissioning and maintenance together with compatibility
with existing VESDA ® installations.

The AutoLearn commissioning assistant reduces setup time and ensures
optimum alarm and low thresholds in a range of environments.

The VESDA ® VLI detector features a standardised industry BACnet over Ethernet
communication protocol for remote monitoring and programming and
connection to building management systems (BMS) and automation devices. 

The VESDA ® VLI detector is inherently less prone to nuisance alarms due to the
intelligent filter, lint trap, sub-sampling probe and secondary filter. Coupled
with its modular design                                                           ..... Brochure

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